Monday, May 1

Two Of Seven

I attended another uni mate's reception today. It's right on schedule, 2006 being the year of IC weddings. I think that Niamul actually got married a couple of months ago, and this do was for the sake of his London bound friends. Hooray.

It was nice though, the venue being a Brick Lane restaurant. There was an Imperial crowd different to the one at the last IC wedding, so it was good seeing some of the different faces and catching up.

It also occurred to me how the average age of these wedding things is steadily dropping - or rather, how my friends and I are getting further and further from it. A mate (ahem) was telling me today how he now had to be careful when "checking out the more single guests of the opposite sex" as most of them looked like they were still doing their GCSEs.

I guess the time to do that kinda stuff has passed not that any of us took advantage of the opportunities when we had them. The whole getting older thing feels pretty poignant actually, accentuated by major events like weddings. But hey, that's life, and for every thing we miss about being younger we have something in their place that we should be enjoying now. The irony, of course, is that we'll probably only realise that when it's too late too...

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