Thursday, May 4

One To Watch: Bradford Riots Click for more info

Thursday 4th May 2006, 9pm

A fictional story based on the non-fictional events of 2001. From the same guy who did Second Generation, this film promises to explore some of the more personal and emotional issues surrounding the riots.



  1. Oh man, lasted 45 mins and then switched off. New Street Law much better :)

  2. some of the most harshest sentences given. the law doesn't even give a killer the sentence it gave some of these boys.

    still can't get over the whole experience.

  3. Wasn't Karim fit?

    Yeah, i'm shallow.

  4. yep i have to agree Goldie .. i'd have him :)

  5. I was gripped... Still can't believe he got 5 years. Kareem had lovely eyes! Yup am shallow too

  6. I know the costume people who worked on that. You know on one of the days of the shoot, they got the real Bradford Riot people in, and they were really going for it. They had knives and all sorts and didn't get they were just acting. Anyway they all had to be taken off set. Little inside knowledge for you.