Friday, May 19

The Super-Ultimate Pool Championship, Day Five

Results for Day Five:

  • Session 1: 2-1 Steve. Steve begins his comeback.
  • Session 2: 2-1 Steve. And now I'm struggling to hang on to my lead.
  • Day: 4-2 Steve
  • Running: 15-12 Shak
Thankfully, I've secured at least a draw. That's more than what I had expected at the start so I'm happy. Unfortunately we may not make up the missed session from yesterday, so we can't get a definite result. Still the fact that I can only win or draw means I'm gonna go ahead and proclaim myself winner anyway. Woot!

EDIT: So we managed to play our make up session - well two games of it. Steve won the first, but I won the second at which point he didn't want to play anymore. Go figure. Still, at least now we know...

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