Sunday, July 24

Food: Every Fish Bar Click for more info

I've been wanting to try this place since reading about it here, and it just so happened that a close friend lives around the corner, giving me the excuse to both visit him and, hopefully, enjoy a decent fish and chips.

Quite frankly... it was just fish and chips. It wasn't the most memorable of meals, but it most certainly wasn't the worst and given how often I've visited below par chippys that alone brings value to the place.

Reasonably priced, clean and with great service there's no reason to avoid Every Fish when you fancy a solid fish and chips - just don't go out of your way to visit.

Wednesday, July 13

Film: Thor: Love and Thunder Click for more info

As the MCU becomes ever more diluted and prolific, as does the specialness of each movie that's released. So while Love and Thunder isn't a bad film per se... neither does it bring anything new to the series as a whole.

It's a very light-hearted affair, despite the stakes. Shallow even. But ultimately it does the job as the fourth in a long lasting sub series, providing a few cute moments and jokes along the way.