Thursday, June 28

Food: Red Camel

Although I didn't have much to eat tonight what I did (and in what is possibly the biggest crime in restaurant reviewing, I can't actually remember what it was called) was wonderful enough for me to write about it. From what my companions ordered Red Camel seems to promise good solid home food in a comfortable, albeit small, seating area. It's the kind of place to while away a lazy summer's evening... which is exactly what we did.

There's no website or marketing here, so a web search might be lacking in results. Red Camel is situated at 552 High Road Leytonstone, and is well worth a visit under the right requirements.

If I do get to go back I'll be sure to update this review.

Thursday, June 21

Film: Hereditary Click for more info

I went into Hereditary blind, pretty much the best way to watch any creepy scary movie. That might have been why I enjoyed it as much as I did - not knowing the premise allowed the unfolding mystery to accentuate the horror. That said, the film did seem to suffer from a bit of confusion as it struggled to make up its mind as to what it wanted it to be: was this a psychological thriller? A straight up monster flick? OR something perhaps a little more supernatural and spooky? Hereditary manages to be all three, but not always to its benefit.

There's no double that the movie was more effective on the big screen, and yet I can't quite bring myself to recommend it past a DVD release. Perhaps its one to watch if you want a good scare and have nothing else to see.

Monday, June 18

Film: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Click for more info

I think the biggest flaw in what would otherwise have been a great film was the setting. Although the trailers show a large part of the film as being situated on an island, the main meat happens on American Soil in a mansion.

It may sound like a minor thing but it was enough to dramatically change the game - the plot, set pieces and threats all have to pivot on being inside rather than outside, and in my view the whole premise suffered for it.

That said Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is still the place to go for dinosaurs, so there is that.