Tuesday, February 21

Film: Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Click for more info

I suppose the curse of having such a great formula (as the MCU does), is that eventually we become desensitised to it. Quantumania isn's a bad film. It's not great either. It just exists... which might be topical given the subject matter (but probably isn't).

If that opening is confusing and nonsense, then I'm glad because it sets the tone for the film I'm trying to write about. Why is the quantum realm so... populated? And that with generic alien type beings? Why is the leaping into such a pivotal part of the next arc of the MCU so... bland? Why does this film even exist?

My immediate thought after watching the movie was: "this really is a MCU movie", such was the identikit feel of it all. Haven't we been here before? But again, maybe that was all part of the satire.

I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either, which is actually more irritating than it sounds. I won't recommend it then, but I guess you already know if you're going to watch it anyway.

Saturday, February 18

Food: Thai and Pie Click for more info

Holy fusion Batman! Okay technically this wasn't really a fusion place, although perhaps still novel. The pitch is that while the grown ups attend for an adult Thai meal, there is enough on the menu to placate the fussy kids - burgers, chicken and of course, pie. Pretty clever, I guess? Except four out of the five of us last night ordered pies. So consider this review incomplete, I suppose.

The pies were alright. Maybe it's difficult to get pies wrong? That said my chicken and beans with spicy curry and melted cheese was as eclectic as it could get, with my colleagues' more traditional chicken and mushroom pies being solid picks too. In hindsight I should have gone for the lamb, so perhaps a return visit is in order (spoilers).

The bite I had of the remaining green curry and egg fried rice were equally solid, with all accompaniments also doing their part. The place was empty when we ate (late) but I can imagine the family friendly atmosphere and patient service. The bill came to just under £15 per head, which felt a little on the pricey side but not enough to irritate.

I rather liked Thai and Pie. It was a no frills, but not disappointing, experience which sits at an interesting location in Chadwell Heath. I do see myself visiting again during a future occasion where we don't want to travel or spend too much time thinking about what to eat.

Monday, February 13

Food: Jacuzzi Click for more info

I'm known to have some pretty strong opinions on... well everything really. I prefer "robust and rigorous" myself, and make no apology for caring enough about the world to really decide how I feel about something. And one of the things I don't really care for is food. More specifically: expensive, opulent and aesthetic food, of the type seemingly created especially for the 'gram.

So I was pretty ambivalent about our booking at Jacuzzi tonight. Apparently it was the latest from someone or thing called "Big Momma" which was supposed to mean something to me. All I knew was that it was Italian and hip.

But as strong as my opinions get, I'm equally able to identify the exceptions and cases where my opinions fall short - and I'm happy to say that Jacuzzi is such an exception. The food in this place was good. Like, really good.

I could tell you about the Endive or the focaccia to start, but my limited understanding of food means I'd just say they were a bloody good salad and bread. Similarly the pastas and pizza we shared for the mains were just great, yet very classy, comfort food. We were well stuffed and satisfied by the end, and that was even before we received the apple torta for dessert.

The place itself was fancy and pompous, but the quality and enjoyment of the food more than made up for that. It did have a fair few couples there tonight but I wouldn't necessarily clock is as a necessarily romantic place. What was lacking was the service which was surprising in a place like this. Everyone seemed polite but there just wasn't the care such a place promises to offer. However what was equally surprising was the bill at the end - £35 per head seemed like a crazy bargain, and I had to check the bill a couple of times to make sure nothing had bee left off. I can only imagine the food is subsidised by drink the other tables were ordering.

So yeah, colour me pleasantly surprised - Jacuzzi is a place I recommend and would even try again, and I really don't mind admitting that.

Wednesday, February 8

Film: Knock at the Cabin Click for more info

If anything encapsulates the phrase "glutton for punishment" it's watching a Shyamalan film expecting something, well, good. Is that unfair? I think it is. I have liked some of his films. I think I have have disliked more though.

But I'm here to tell you about Cabin, not Shyamalan. I think the main problem I had with the film was how it was built like a tv show - this would have made a pretty interesting four-parter actually. The acting was good, with Bautista playing a great friendly giant and some amazing child acting from Kristen Cui. The pacing was pretty decent too, with the 100 mins or so of runtime breezing by.

I suppose that leaves the plot and it's probably here that the film failed. Largely predictable from the opening conceit, there were no real surprises here, and no real reason to keep watching.

My feelings about the film have gotten worse after having digested it, so sadly no, there'll be no recommendation here.