Monday, August 30

The OC Returns

But while it was gone (silly C4) it seems that One Tree Hill usurped its throne as leading teeny bopping drama. Is there room for two of these? I'm not sure. I do know which I prefer though... Hey, at least we get one and a half seasons back to back...

Film: The Chronicles Of Riddick Click for more info

Well fourth time unlucky as they say. Okay, we all knew deep inside that it'd be crap, but that admiration for Pitch Black convinced me to watch in hope - maybe the critics missed something, maybe they didn't get the franchise. But no, they were spot on. It's pap. Zero continuity (something which may not bother you as it does me), a shabby plot, bad acting... Even Thandie Newton didn't score it any points.

Avoid like the plague.

Film: Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story Click for more info

Well considering how much I had enjoyed the last two films, I was kinda afraid that I'd be pushing my luck expecting a third hit. But no, Dodgeball was good. A feeble plot didn't get in the way of the gags (which were the best I had experienced in a long time - think Farrelly Brothers). In fact the lowest point was when the actual dodgeball tournament itself started - but that was mercifully short anyway.

If you're looking for something that isn't an action packed special effects extravaganza, check it out.

Sunday, August 29

Film: I, Robot Click for more info

A great tribute to Asimov's stuff, even though it really only borrows the Three Rules. Almost a mystery thriller, but one that holds your hand throughout, making sure you dont have to, like, think. So instead, enjoy the visuals (and I don't mean Bridget, guffaw snort) and action. A warning though - it takes a bit to get started, so make sure you've been for a pee beforehand.

Oh, and does anyone remember what the Fourth Rule is?

Saturday, August 28

Film: The Bourne Supremacy Click for more info

More of the same, which is no bad thing. Matt Damon is still great in a role that almost seems was written for him. Of course, it'll prolly have the same amount of replay value as the first (ie none), but the initial viewing will leave you hanging for more (which hopefully we'll get in the final instalment of the trilogy).

So yeh, go watch.

Friday, August 27

Gimmie Some Worms

So how many friday nights at home does it take before you're officially termed socially inept? Bah. At least I can depend on my DVD player.

Smack My Bitch Up

He had us going for a while he was shaking off the nerves in the first round, but he did us proud in the end.

Congratulations Amir!

Thursday, August 26

Men Are Disgusting

My evidence:

1) A day never passes where I don't spot a guy not washing his hands after using the toilet. Yet people call me paranoid for washing my hands after shaking hands? And what I find really amusing is that no one will admit to doing this.

2) A week never passes where I don't find pee on the toilet seat. Luckily I'm an expert at the Two Sheets Technique used to isolate bum from seat.

3) This one is nasty, so you may want to look away. Yesterday I found what can only be described as a sticky brown lumpy stain on the floor in front of one of the toilets. Yeeach. At the time of posting it is still there, although now having been stepped on its more spread out and less detectable. Double Yeeach. And there are people around here who walk around with no shoes...

New Music

Well not so new this time:

Chale Jaise Hawayein - Main Hoon Na
I've had to get this due to being force fed it by the Hussains the past couple of months. Damn the effects of familiarity. Still, a nice ditty that makes me bob my head like a maniac on the Tube. And it reminds me of Amrita, so it can't be all bad.

It's The Time To Disco - Kal Ho Na Ho
Every holiday needs a theme song, and for our recent trip to Bangladesh it's this. Not fantastic, but still brings a smile to my face when I remember the microbus journey home from one of BN1's events (I forget which one exactly) and the dancing at BN2's Guy Holid. However, it also reminds me of Ishaq's singing. Shudder.

You can check out my current playlist here.

Wednesday, August 25

Spammy's Choice: Amrita Rao

A regular piece exploring the person which I am currently obsessing over. At the moment, it's Amrita Rao:

Nobody likes a poser...

A few pictures (at the minute just BN1's Gaye Hulud) have been put up. You can get to them via the usual place. Normal web picture viewing rules apply.

Keep checking back to see when the rest are posted. If you're at all bothered, that is.

Tuesday, August 24

It cant be that easy... Can it?

So, I just got back from Bangladesh. Wonderful place - reminded me of Pakistan really, but possibly a tad poorer. Oh, and I couldn't understand what people were saying. And they were shorter. And darker. It was more expensive than Karachi too, which I found surprising. People here keep asking me "How were the floods?", and without intending on taking away from the severity of the situation there, to be totally honest if I hadn't had known there were floods before I left I prolly wouldn't have after returning either.

I also preferred Chittagong to Dhaka (which for me was actually Narayanganj). That was probably cos the latter was towards the end of a long holiday, as well as Chittagong having had both weddings so we were kept pretty busy with the celebrations there.

Did I say both weddings? Well, we all had always considered the possibility that Brother Number Two (BN2) would also get married, but it was still a strange and surprising event to witness. Brother Number One (BN1) had met his fiancé back in December and they've been in some form of contact for the eight months they had before their nuptial day. Which I find pretty reasonable for a modern day international arranged-cum-introduced marriage. They certainly seemed comfortable together (after the marriage of course. Tut tut).

BN2 met his fiancé a week before their Nikkah. She was the second of three which he had met.

OK, don't get me wrong - They're both fantastic girls. And I'm convinced they'll all be happy and take great pleasure in taking care of each other for the rest of their lives. But after hearing stories which point to how hard it is to find The One (bleurgh), or maintain a relationship, isn't there something unsettling about being able to turn around the foundations of a successful marriage in less than a week? There shouldn't be - but as much as we like to think otherwise, we're just not used to it.

Now, I've always claimed that its easy for one to get married if they really wanted to. And that if they weren't, this wasn't due to a bout of bad luck or social inadequacy or anything - it was more due to them not wanting it enough. But perhaps that's the point here; that people don't just want a marriage, they don't just want someone to take care of them and keep them company, but further want a best friend, a confidanté, a spouse as well - the latter isnt necessarily implied by the former. Can you recognise that in someone in a week? I'm not sure that you can. However, I'm not claiming that these things cant grow. Nah, in all likeliness they will with someone who you would spend that much time with (especially if all parties involved are as great as they are in these two cases).

But perhaps, for some of us, we need this to happen before we sign that dotted line? Not particularly practical, sure - I mean this may be time better spent building a relationship with someone concrete, someone definite. Hell, it may not even be reasonable - we're all pretty flexible when it comes to interacting with others who are too. But it could explain why some choose to make it so difficult for themselves - anything other than what we have planned for ourselves may feel like a compromise (is this settling for less? Woah, that's a whole other blog entry). And ironically, it's prolly these same people who would be better off focusing their efforts on a single person rather than other less than potential possibilities.

And so, Mother Dearest has become hardcore smitten on getting me married off "back home", citing the two examples I have had the good fortune to witness. Now I've never said I was closed to the idea - in fact I've always found it bizarre how some can so easily write off a whole country - but I must admit after my experiences in Bangladesh the idea has become an almost-preference.

And yet, despite what I've written above, not a complete one. Pfft.

Monday, August 23

Well here you have it...

Its like, totally my blog.

Well, Ive been meaning to start one of these things for a while now. I usually end up posting my random thoughts on either the ALMBs or Collective, but seeing as I dont have much time to browse the former, and am probably boring the latter, it seemed to me that a blog would be the perfect place to spout instead. That and the ability to author posts on my PDA. So sad, I know.

Like it says in the description this isnt really for public consumption - although Ill prolly be linking to various posts or articles here to save time repeating myself. Yes, its strange writing stuff whichll prolly go unread, but for me writing seems to help organise and clear my thoughts.

So anyway, thats enough justification from me. If you are just browsing, enjoy, and please feel free to comment. Its that button down there...

Sunday, August 1


1st August 2004 - London (LHR) to Dhaka (DAC)
21st August 2004 - Dhaka (DAC) to London (LHR)