Thursday, August 26

Men Are Disgusting

My evidence:

1) A day never passes where I don't spot a guy not washing his hands after using the toilet. Yet people call me paranoid for washing my hands after shaking hands? And what I find really amusing is that no one will admit to doing this.

2) A week never passes where I don't find pee on the toilet seat. Luckily I'm an expert at the Two Sheets Technique used to isolate bum from seat.

3) This one is nasty, so you may want to look away. Yesterday I found what can only be described as a sticky brown lumpy stain on the floor in front of one of the toilets. Yeeach. At the time of posting it is still there, although now having been stepped on its more spread out and less detectable. Double Yeeach. And there are people around here who walk around with no shoes...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous17:53

    You wash your hands after shaking someone else's? You need to get laid, man.