Monday, August 23

Well here you have it...

Its like, totally my blog.

Well, Ive been meaning to start one of these things for a while now. I usually end up posting my random thoughts on either the ALMBs or Collective, but seeing as I dont have much time to browse the former, and am probably boring the latter, it seemed to me that a blog would be the perfect place to spout instead. That and the ability to author posts on my PDA. So sad, I know.

Like it says in the description this isnt really for public consumption - although Ill prolly be linking to various posts or articles here to save time repeating myself. Yes, its strange writing stuff whichll prolly go unread, but for me writing seems to help organise and clear my thoughts.

So anyway, thats enough justification from me. If you are just browsing, enjoy, and please feel free to comment. Its that button down there...


  1. what's another word for knob?

  2. Anonymous11:09

    Hmm with all these thoughts running through your head you'll never think you're ready to marry or think you've met the right girl. Basically, son, it's a game or roulette (well black jack at least). To play you're just gonna have to roll your dice...(or lay your cards on the table if you're using the black jack analogy)...