Wednesday, November 24

Film: Ghostbusters: Afterlife Click for more info

Ok, I'll admit, I was cynical. Would this be another nostalgia-laden cash in, something we'd pay to watch only to shrug off after realising it was as shallow as we were expecting anyway?

Well no actually. Afterlife was actually rather excellent. It both managed to provide the necessary fan service it needed to, while managing to remain fresh in its own right.

It did this with three main pillars - firstly it stuck to the script, resisting the temptation to complicate things for an 21st century audience and their limited attention spans.

Secondly it jazzed things up with some very decent special effects.

Thirdly, and most importantly, were the cast. It was actually the youngest who were the real stars - with both Phoebe and Podcast pretty much making the film single handedly.

So yes, a great throwback to a time when films were simpler and fun, Afterlife comes thoroughly recommended.

Wednesday, November 10

Film: Eternals Click for more info

Although I like to think I have a unique taste in movies, under scrutiny I generally agree with consensus, ratings and reviews (fanatical outliers aside - I'm looking at you Twilight). But still exceptions do occur and Eternals is a clear example.

Slated by reviews and friends alike, it's safe to say that I wasn't expecting much from the two and a half hours plus runtime. But being the slave to the MCU that I am, both the good and the bad need to be taken, but in this case the commitment paid off as I rather quite enjoyed this film.

There wasn't much standing out - the acting was alright, the plot simple, the action and effects very average. And yet it was in it's inoffensiveness that it actually worked - proving that merely doing the minimum in an MCU film is probably enough.