Wednesday, November 10

Film: Eternals Click for more info

Although I like to think I have a unique taste in movies, under scrutiny I generally agree with consensus, ratings and reviews (fanatical outliers aside - I'm looking at you Twilight). But still exceptions do occur and Eternals is a clear example.

Slated by reviews and friends alike, it's safe to say that I wasn't expecting much from the two and a half hours plus runtime. But being the slave to the MCU that I am, both the good and the bad need to be taken, but in this case the commitment paid off as I rather quite enjoyed this film.

There wasn't much standing out - the acting was alright, the plot simple, the action and effects very average. And yet it was in it's inoffensiveness that it actually worked - proving that merely doing the minimum in an MCU film is probably enough.

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