Thursday, June 28

Food: Red Camel

Although I didn't have much to eat tonight what I did (and in what is possibly the biggest crime in restaurant reviewing, I can't actually remember what it was called) was wonderful enough for me to write about it. From what my companions ordered Red Camel seems to promise good solid home food in a comfortable, albeit small, seating area. It's the kind of place to while away a lazy summer's evening... which is exactly what we did.

There's no website or marketing here, so a web search might be lacking in results. Red Camel is situated at 552 High Road Leytonstone, and is well worth a visit under the right requirements.

If I do get to go back I'll be sure to update this review.

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  1. Anonymous14:35

    To 'right'abut it? Took me a few reads to think should it not be 'write' about it??? so not the only crime in this blog for a restaurant review of forgetting the dish you actually had....