Tuesday, May 23

Arranged Misunderstandings

I've heard of the trappings of the introduction scene, and how things can sometimes get a bit... tense. However I always thought that these problems were all avoidable if the two potentials involved were careful enough, even if everyone around them appeared to be doing their best to make things as difficult as possible.

I also like to think that I'm a relatively careful and composed person, and am aware enough to keep things nice and clean. Imagine my surprise, then, when I found I was in trouble regarding an ex- and not-so-potential rishta.

Without going into too much detail it wasn't really the fault of any party in particular. It wasn't that bad either - I was out at the Ramadan talk and things had both blown up and been resolved while I was on the tube on the way home. Clearly more proof that it was avoidable in the first place (oh, and that I was in no way to blame. But then who's counting?).

I'm not worried or surprised or being defensive here. I do now think that sometimes, certain outcomes are inevitable despite the best intentions of everyone concerned. Quite depressing, but hey, at least it keeps things interesting. I just hate being another statistic!


  1. hmmm




    and i aint got an effin clue what i'm hmmming about

  2. :( sorry to hear that. shit happens i guess.

    well death usually puts things into perspective, and hearing news of a siblings friends young sibling passing away today sorta makes you wake up abit to what and who are really important in life.

    (er although admittedly i was alittle confused with the whole blog thing but perhaps that was intentional)