Saturday, May 27

Game: Shadow Of The Colossus Click for more info

You can read about Ico and the initial struggle I had with it here. I ended that review asking whether I'd have the same experience with SotC or not. Well, unfortunately, I did.

Or maybe not so unfortunately at all. Because, just like with Ico, you need that ubiquitous click before you really begin to enjoy this game. Unlike Ico, however, this click came before the end of the first Colossi.

Again there's a steep learning curve and my hands physically begin to hurt as I struggle with the seemingly unintuitive controls. But this time the developers have taken the time to create a kind of tutorial in the guise of a godlike voice guiding you if you begin to struggle with play.

The game itself is just a whole bunch of boss battles with not much else in between. The feeling I got after disposing of the first Colossi was of immense achievement, just like when you figure out a puzzle for the first time. But it was more than that since not only are you thinking, but you're also doing as well - this is as much action game as it is a mental one. Graphics and sound are also above par, both being almost cinematic in presentation.

But now I'm waffling. As a plain ol' simple game this is wonderful stuff if you're willing to give it the time. By it's nature though, I'm wondering how long it can last. There's only room for so many bosses in a single game after all. I know I'll enjoy it till the end though, and that's what counts.

EDIT: I actually realised later what this game reminded me of. Remember Legolas in LOTR when he kills the Ogre in Moria? Or the elephant at Minis Tirith? That's what this game is all about - little you climbing to the top of an insanely huge bad guy and stabbing him in the head. Wicked.

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