Sunday, May 28


I finally picked up my DS.Lite this evening. Oh man, is it nice. The first thing that struck me was its size, although I must admit to being a bit disappointed about its weight at that time too. The controls are now even more cramped than they were on the old DS, and since the latter was already giving me problems on Mario I'm hoping that by some miracle of design the smaller controls will make it easier to play games. I'm not holding my breath though.

Not that I care. For the best thing about the Lite are its screens. Crisp and bright (I'm talking like the Sun, here - I was almost blinded I tell you), they make this more than just an updated piece of hardware. It was pretty difficult to play with the regular DS on the Tube or in daylight but now it should be a bit more accessible. I'm weary of new battery issues in order to pay for this visibility, but since I used to charge every day that shouldn't be too much of a problem. For extended sessions I can turn the backlight down to previous levels.

I chose the Enamel (dark) Blue colour since the only other viable choise (white) wouldn't have been exclusive. Hah. I'm a bit gutted that there's an exclusive BLACK one coming out here in Europe, but hey if the Nano was anything to go by that'll soon be come the colour of choice on the commute to work. And in any case it's not like I care about things like that.

So anyway... Does anyone wanna buy a DS?

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