Wednesday, May 17

The Super-Ultimate Pool Championship, Day Three

Results for Day Three:

  • Session 1: 2-1 Steve. Slightly disappointing, especially as the second game was lost by my potting of the black a bit too early in the game (no doubt due to being put under pressure by the Yoga group waiting to start their class). Still, every game counts and I'm glad I took the one.
  • Session 2: 2-1 Shak. Somewhat making up for the morning result, although quite frustratingly at one point I was six balls ahead in the game that was eventually lost.
  • Day: 3-3
  • Running: 11-7 Shak
Overall, a good result. The Championship could still be over by tomorrow, but most likely we'll have to play out Friday to decide the winner. Frankly I'll be happy with 3-3 draws for the next two days!