Monday, May 15

The Super-Ultimate Pool Championship, Day One

Steve is leaving this week. Since this also means the end of our Pool sessions, we've decided to make the next five days the definitive indicator of who is better at the game. Now, to be honest the current, since-the-beginning, track record favours Steve by quite a mile, but I think I've improved enough to give a go at winning this thing.

We're sticking to the usual structure, so two sessions a day, three games in each session. We're also quite loose on the rules, overlooking mis-cues and the like. One notable tradition of ours is to either strongly hit or double the black into a pocket to win, and we're insisting on that in this tournament - don't be surprised to see more fouls on the black than usual.

I'm hoping I won't get beaten by too big a margin!

Results for Day One:

  • Session 1: 2-1 Steve
  • Session 2: 2-1 Shak, including a fabulous pot of the cue ball on the black by Steve.
  • Day: 3-3
  • Running: 3-3
A surprising result, and suddenly I think I may have more than a good chance!

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