Saturday, May 6

The Sultan's Elephant Click for more info

I don't think I'll get to see a big wooden puppet elephant wander around Central London that often, which is why I went down to Trafalgar Square this afternoon. The Sultan's Elephant is part street theatre, part mechanical wonder and all pretty darned impressive.

On arrival the elephant and giant girl were difficult to miss, but we had to wait around an hour before they actually did anything. The rain didn't help with this either, although we managed to find shelter for most of it. It was worth it to see the oversized large puppets move though. Whether it was the preprogrammed movements or the live skill of the multiple puppeteers, both of the marionettes came alive.

It's a shame that the weather didn't hold out, and by then end we stayed out of principle rather than to enjoy the parade; the nephew was more interested in the Thomas books he found in the Waterstones nearby than the wooden elephant. Still, it was something worth witnessing and I'm kinda glad that I did.

It's playing till Monday if you wanted to check it out. Check the website to find out where it'll be. Oh and make sure you take a brolly.

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