Monday, May 29

Film: Fanaa Click for more info

Weird. That's what this film is: weird. But hey, let's rewind for a second.

Anyone would expect a film starring Amir Khan and Kajol to be, well, pretty good. First you would give them a context - a workplace, a school (hey, they could still pass off students), heck even an empty room woulda done. And then you would just film them. Et voila, you would have had typical yet watchable Bollywood.

And that's really how Fanaa begins. Zooni is a blind girl from India controlled Kashmir who travels to Dehli for some reason. There, she meets Rehan, a tour guide with whom she falls in love. Aww. That's pretty much the first half summed up, and like is oh so common with Bolly nowadays, that's where the trouble begins.

I'll say again: it's just so... weird. I'd usually call it farcical, but it wasn't that. They could have gotten away with the direction the film took if the makers had been careful enough. But they weren't, and as such this film ended up being unnecessarily mediocre.

Other things: Music was so so, acting was good with Kajol showing us that she still had it after taking her sabbatical. Direction and cinematography were also good, which came as a nice surprise, and the plot shouldn't really take anything away from these positives.

If you were planning on watching this, then please don't let this put you off. Maybe it was just me who scratched my head while watching this (although the audience I was with seemed to find a lot of the more serious bits very funny too). If you weren't then I can't really recommend it - it's one for the DVD player at the very best.

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention Sanaya Irani (Bobo)! I sure hope to see more of her in upcoming films...