Saturday, May 20


So Ann and Benjai got married today; another IC wedding, naturally. It was quite different to what I'm used to though. You see, for the nuptials, Ann and Benjai decided to go to a registry office.

As you can probably imagine, it's pretty different from the (good in its own way) hoo haa you would usually find at a wedding ceremony, Muslim or otherwise. To be honest, I was actually expecting something quite clinical - "sign here, sign here, bam you're done", but in fact it was quite the opposite. Removing all the extraneous stuff left behind something pure and elegant that no guest attending found difficult to recognise. Oh, and it was quick!

The reception was supposed to have been at a park nearby. The unpredictable weather put an end to those plans (and as an aside rain and shine on one's wedding is supposed to be good luck, apparently). Still this wasn't as disappointing as some had expected with Benjai's flat being a good stand-in venue. An exclusive guest list helped keep it cosy rather than cramped, so space wasn't a issue. The picnic food worked well indoors too and overall I don't think we could have had a better time anywhere else. The romance was flowing as much as the drink too - heck we even had an opera singer perform for a stint!

So yes, another fine IC meeting of hearts. The best thing is that, like the others so far, Benjai's had a special unique quality all to its own. But then surely that's the case with all weddings?

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