Saturday, May 27

Film: X-Men: The Last Stand Click for more info

Unfortunately, this turned out to be quite the disappointing third part in the great-so-far franchise. Perhaps it was too ambitious from the start; a lot happens in this film for sure and it's pretty obvious that the film was intended to bring some finality to the series.

Alas most of it was either rushed or badly executed, so it ended up being very broad, but very very shallow - even more than you would have expected it to be. The action set pieces were well done, I suppose, and as a superhero flick it is passable.

If you do decide to watch, be prepared for something that isn't quite the blockbuster the last two were. It's a bit of a shame, actually.

EDIT: Oh, and make sure you stick around till after the credits. Yes, it's one of those annoying things they sometimes do.


  1. I'm the juggernaut bitch!!

  2. i thought the parallel between the mutants in that world and the Muslims in the western conciousness recently. maybe the film makers were doing this intentionally so some extent.

    the ministry for mutant affairs.
    the alternative schooling system.
    the wording used byt the presitent.
    the baddies statement 'Charles Xavier has done more for Mutants that youll ever know'

    but that might be cos im deranged.