Thursday, May 18

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So exactly how much is a wife worth? That's the basic question being asked by the people commenting on the Paul McCartney and Heather Mills situation. Apparently, McCartney is worth something like £800 million, and Mills may get a quarter or even half of that if they choose to divorce. Not a bad wage for being a wife of four years.

Intentional facetiousness aside it is a difficult question, and one with no single answer. Some argue (and argue well) that she deserves nothing, while others think half is a good starting point (and it's worth noting that under UK law there is NO standard default proportion or split). It seems to invoke the personal feelings and anecdotal evidence we all have, when really this and all other divorce cases should be looked at individually - and we have judges to do that. They'll be the ones deciding things like how much cash was generated by the wife, or how much she'll need to carry on with her life (shouldn't that be the same for everyone though? Why would Mills require any more money than a woman divorcing a less wealthy man?).

However, we can still talk about prenuptial agreements even though they're not actually binding here in the UK. People talk about how these things shouldn't be an issue in matters of the heart. The arguments are well known - how can you even be concerned about splitting up when you're tying the knot? Or if you'll always be together, what's the harm in having one?

I tend to be in the former camp, although I think if both parties agree to it then that's ok too. But what about the arranged marriages where that's not necessarily the case? Should a guy (or girl) be expected to put their assets at risk when other aspects of the relationship may have already been decided relatively clinically?

Of course, it's a shame that these questions have to be asked at all. In my idealistic world it is possible for the divorce process to be inherently just and amicable, but realistically even the most fair person can be broken under the pressures such a situation puts on them. I guess you just gotta try your best not getting there in the first place.

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  1. i think for me, th mccartney case depends on who gets custody of the child. its a shame really.