Wednesday, May 31

Food: Iran e Ma Click for more info

So here's a small and well hidden Persian place just past Waterloo Station. Despite it's demure appearance it was pretty mature and professional - service was top notch from beginning to end (although that may have had more to do with us being the only guests for a time than them being gracious hosts), and the decor was nice, if a little too authentic!

But on to the more important stuff: the food. Now I'll be honest with you - for me, Persian food may as well be Arab. Not that that's a bad thing; I'm not one to write off food for what my mother would complain as being bland. Tonight's highlights included the mashed aubergine for starters and skewers of chicken fillet and minced lamb (kebabs and rice to me and you).

But apart from that, Iran e Ma wasn't anything particularly special, and certainly not something worth traveling to the depths of hell (otherwise known as South of The River) to especially visit. As an end to an evening of other business in the area you could probably do much worse, and I do wish I had known about the place when I was working in Waterloo for those two years I was. For those wondering about the price our slight over-order weighed in at a modest 10 pounds per head, so it was pretty good value for money too.