Sunday, May 21

Film: The Da Vinci Code Click for more info

You can read what I thought of the book here. Unfortunately I seem to have walked away from the film adaptation with a similar opinion. This comes as no surprise to me, as films are usually worse than the books on which they are based - I had only gone to see the sublime Audrey Tautou in action, and that she did, so it's not like I'm disappointed or anything.

The biggest problem, I suppose, was the lack of mystery and surprise at the story. This wasn't helped by the bits that were chopped and changed in order to squeeze the film into two and a half hours. Other issues included more than a few shoddy takes and a overly cheesy script and plot - things probably transferred directly from the pages of the book.

Maybe I'm being harsh. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't had read the book first. But the truth is that even those that liked the book don't seem to rate the film; ironic, given that almost every hourly show at my local was fully sold out.

I guess The Da Vinci Code was a poisoned chalice from the start. Hur hur. Geddit? Nevermind.

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