Tuesday, May 16

The Super-Ultimate Pool Championship, Day Two

Results for Day Two:

  • Session 1: 3-0 Shak. A bit of controversy here, with Steve potting the cue ball on the black. Steve claims that he disturbed the movement of the white ball with his cue after it had potted the black, so that game shouldn't count. However since a) it was a foul anyway and b) it may have gone on to fall into another pocket, the game is forfeit. Overall, a fantastic result for me.
  • Session 2: 2-1 Shak. Nothing as exciting, but still a solid result.
  • Day: 5-1 Shak
  • Running: 8-4 Shak
An even more surprising result than those of the opening day. It still very early though, and I've previously had losing streaks that could easily swing this position.

How exciting!

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