Monday, May 22

Shak's Choice: Audrey Tautou

Well, we all saw it coming. Here is the only reason why it's worth watching The Da Vinci Code:

She's French, cute, pretty, cheeky and French. Oh, and she's modest too.


  1. BORING! The Da Vinci Code is hardly her finest moment. Infact it's somewhat upsetting. Why did she do it?

    You probably have already seen it, but Amelie was one of her finest roles. Not to mention all the stuff she did in between. She's been in lots of cool French films too. Also there's another movie coming out with her in it called Russian Dolls. It was due out in US on 10th May. Might be out in UK soon or already?

  2. beat me to it...i been meaning to blog about her.. she's cute as hell...