Friday, May 5

One Thousand

I've never had a hit counter or the like on my blog. I do have a StatCounter account, mainly to find out where the people who might come across my little space might be from and to check usage trends and the like, but continually noting how popular a personal blog is (or in some cases, isn't), seems to me to be in bad taste.

I've also always intended not to write this blog for other people to read and I like to think that I've managed to stick to that. I've resisted from telling people to visit these pages unless there was a particular article that was relevant to something they were asking or discussing with me, and I never tell new people I meet that I maintain a blog.

Which made this morning's weekly stats report even more surprising. Apparently for the week 24 April - 30 April, pages from Radio Shak were loaded over one thousand times[1]. Blimey. The few reasons I can think are behind that number for this particular week include some visitors using this place to chat, a bit of varied content (and I'm sure Nicole accounted for a fair few hits) and just having more people drop by.

As arrogant as it sounds I'm not going to "thank my fans" or anything quite as, well, inane as that. Flattering as this whole thing is, I don't think it indicates anyone's popularity let alone mine or says anything about the quality of these pages. In fact, I expect this total to drop down to normal levels next week. Still, it's quite a milestone and I guess I am a tiny bit chuffed.

[1] The detail: 473 Unique, 225 First time, 248 Returning.


  1. woohoo!!

    Raza: i blame you for the chatting thing..!

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    dont underestimate the power of your blog!