Sunday, May 28

Legoland Click for more info

You usually can't go wrong with a theme park. I mean, provided the weather is nice and the place isn't too crowded, the inherent buzz and feeling about these places can overcome any lacking in rides or things to do.

Or at least I thought. The weather was pretty good, and the place wasn't too busy either. But thinking about tit on the way home, we had actually spent a lot of time doing not much at Legoland today.

Although we got in at around 11am, we didn't sit on our first ride till well after lunch, choosing to look at shows and the Lego model cities first. I think that might have been our mistake, as when we made our way to the rides proper we were faced with some pretty hefty queues - especially one which took 1.5 hours to get through. The ride at the end of it wasn't all that either.

The whole place just didn't seem as slick and as organised as the Thorpe Parks and Chessingtons. But maybe we had missed the point; the nephews seemed to love it, relating to the whole Lego thing, and those looking after seemed to enjoy watching their kids enjoying themselves. And maybe that was the idea - that the park was aimed at children rather than us adults. Thinking about it, I'm not sure there were any adults without children or groups of teens and the like you would find at other places.

So yeh. If you want a day of family fun, then you could do worse. Just make sure you bring a good book while the children are kept busy.