Sunday, May 21

Game: New Super Mario Bros (DS) Click for more info

You know, I was quite disappointed when I played the first level of NSMB today. This was a game that I had pre-ordered - the first time I had ever done such a thing, I think - so I was definitely looking forward to its release. However something just didn't feel right when I fired it up today. Something was wrong.

And thankfully, it was me. After greasing up the ol' Mario muscles and reflexes I soon fell into the rhythm of the game. It's not Super Mario World (and I don't think anything ever will be), but it is good enough; this is what Mario fans have been crying out for for many years now.

New things include Mega Mushrooms, double, triple and wall jumps, ground pounds. All of that is irrelevant though, mere bonuses to the masterpiece of the game itself. The only thing that worries me is getting through it too quickly - hopefully I won't have to pace myself to make this last. Still, that's no bad thing, and even if it only lasts a couple of weeks, I know those weeks will be massively fun. What more could I ask of a game?

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