Monday, July 30

Trays Of Drink

You know, no matter how often I do this whole meeting of a potential rishta thing, I'll never get over the whole "girl silently brings in soft drink/juice/tea on a tray" thing. I mean do people still do that? It's such a cliché and if it wasn't so funny I'd actually be quite irritated by the custom.

So ladies, here's some advice. If you're about to meet or see a guy for a first time, don't make it over a tray of beverages. Try expressing some originality instead. I'm not talking about cartwheeling in or anything (although that would be so cool), but saying something, even a hello, would be nice.

I vow to marry the first potential rishta to enter their living room with nothing more than a smile and "hey guys, wassup?"


  1. Well, you know sweetums, it is very likely that the girl's actions would have been dictated and to deviate from the prescribed route would have meant a fate worse than death! Everything would have been dictated, down to dress, what to say what not to say, when to come in etc. Just so's you know. Better if you ask to see the girl on her own, you'll be able to guage her personality much better then.

  2. agreeing with the comment made above.

    I would completely hate to be put in such a situation .. it's so fake. The ordeal some of these girls must go through :(

    anyway .. seeing as your vowing to marry the next potential rishta i'm assuming this is a no go ?

    Maybe you should have volunteered to help her with the tray .. might have broken the ice a little.

  3. >> Maybe you should have volunteered to help her with the tray .. might have broken the ice a little.

    And also show that perhaps you don't expect her to do all the housework. Er, then again, maybe you do!

  4. margh i hate the tray and i hate the whole meeting .. scaryness..

    next time i am forced.. cos im only ever forced to these meeting things.. i've decided i will be the ones opening the door.. that way the guy has a chance to leg it..