Saturday, July 7

Film: Die Hard 4.0 Click for more info

You would have thought that the fourth in a series spanning almost twenty years would be nothing more than a nostalgic cash in. That those in charge wouldn't bother putting in much time or effort to making this actually any good. Well I did anyway, and that's probably why I was so pleasantly surprised that Die Hard 4.0 was a pretty decent flick.

It's also a pretty decent Die Hard flick. We have the same guns, explosions, bad guys and, of course, John McClane. Heck we almost have the same plot as the previous three films too. And technically the acting and direction are as gritty, to the point and fast-paced as usual - the only updates are in the CGI and stunt department. But the lack of originality matters little here; it all works just as well as it used to so it's all good.

Admittedly there are points in DH4.0 where you realise that films like these won't be able to survive much longer. As the audience demands more from their action heroes, the trials and tribulations they all go through become even more ambitious and so implausible (at one point McClane is riding a jet fighter, rodeo style). But such "progression" can be forgiven provided it doesn't go to far; I for one hope that this marks a good end to the Die Hard franchise.

All in all DH4.0 is a good solid action flick, that proves there is still a market for this kinda old-school stuff. I enjoyed it anyway, and so it receives a jolly good recommendation from me.