Wednesday, July 25

Film: The Simpsons Movie Click for more info

This was always going to be short review, for The Simpsons Movie is but a feature length episode of the classic cartoon series. If you're a fan then you already know what kind of thing to expect.

If you're not, then expect simple yet deep plot lines, lovable characters and loads of good solid laughs. Sometimes too many in fact - my poor brain was struggling to keep up with all the gags at one point. Lucky then that some of them have been used before on the telly show. I also noticed a slight change in humour from that found in the series; TSM seems to have been influenced by the slightly more advanced wit of Family Guy; so there's a bit of self deprecation and forth wall breaking here now.

But now I'm just stretching this review more than I should be allowed to get away with. Just go watch it already.