Sunday, July 1

Food: Sakonis Click for more info

An exclusively vegetarian restaurant? How absurd! Except the lack of meat didn't take anything away from what was a pretty good place to eat. Not only that, but for a Muslim it's great too since you don't have to worry about what you're actually eating.

The buffet was on which meant a) I ate well and b) I ate a range of things. All were adequate, with a few things especially standing out. The restaurant itself was okay - nothing spectacular but clean.

They always welcome our large group of post-ICSS teachers, and the buffet and a drink today came to a reasonable nine quid per head. All in all a winner... we'd probably come here more often if we didn't miss our meat so much!


  1. We have a sakonis in Leicester- I quite liked it. I like pure vegetarian food and yes the buffet has a great selection. Missed my kebabs though :-D

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  3. i used to know someone who only spoke about how great this restaurant is. and thats probably why i havent been. not.