Monday, July 2

Film: Ocean's Thirteen Click for more info

More of the same from the Ocean's lot. And just like the sequel, this seems to have even less of an impact than its predecessor.

That's not to say it isn't an enjoyable film to watch. It is: the cast are as smooth and witty (I laughed out loud quite a bit) as they usually are and the plot as accessibly complex as it always is. And therein lies the problem; you can't help but feel that you've seen this all before. You see the twists coming from a mile off now and even the characters appear to be bored of it all. There just isn't any of the original epic quality that the first two had running through them in spades - at times this just seems to be a bunch of clever-yet-cheap sketches hanging off of a frame of a film.

Still, it's worth the one last push to watch Ocean's Thirteen anyway. And if you consider it as just another long episode of an enjoyable franchise rather than a free standing feature film, you may enjoy it even more.