Monday, July 30

All Time High

Just writing to note a record level of activity on my blog: last week Radio Shak was visited 2,667 times by 2,337 different people. Now admittedly it's a freak blip rather than continuing trend, but I reckon it's awesome anyway.

Just as interesting are the major referrers to my site at the moment; Facebook is now a major source of readership, and I'm totally grateful to all those who link to me from their respective websites and blogs. Searches on Google (some pretty dubious!) are also big leads in to this place.

Speaking of which, Radio Shak is now placed second in the search engine when submitting "Radio Shak", beaten only by the shop Radio Shack and that just because of the otherwise handy Google suggest feature. It's the top result when limiting results to pages in the UK. I'm actually quite chuffed about this.

So all in all pretty good news and I'm looking forward to the hit count breaking the 100k barrier, hopefully sometime during 2007. I'm still not exactly sure what this place is all about and where it's heading, but hitting milestones like these does force me to consider these and many other questions.

Oh, and finally, thanks to you all for visiting too! There's only so many times a week I can strike F5 in order to refresh my browser, so it's good to know I'm getting some legitimate hits too.

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