Saturday, July 28

Film: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Click for more info

Now I get that it's always going to be tough adapting a four hundred or so page book into a film that's less than three hours long. I also figure that it's even harder to do for the harry Potter books, where more or less everything needs to be kept in for the story to make sense. But I don't think either of those reasons is why I found Order of the Phoenix to be so poor.

It's like it was a rush job, like there was no love put into the creation of this film. Everything happens to fast and clinically, you begin to wonder whether the makers could have been that bothered at all.

As a result there's a lack of meat, depth and substance with this film, both emotionally and technically; nothing much is said about the Order in the title, or the new characters or story arcs.

Looking past that though, and there still isn't much to redeem this film. The acting is poor (the acting skills of the main cast appears to be getting worse with age), the editing sudden and rough, and the sets and wardrobe nothing to scream about.

Perhaps it's because I'm a fan of the books that I'm having such a hard time appreciating this film. I don't think that's the case though, and so unfortunately the only reason I think you should watch this film is for a sense of completion rather than anything else.