Friday, July 6

Not The Apprentice

Today I went for my The Apprentice Season 4 interview. Now before any of you accuse me of being a desperate attention seeking media whore, I would like to qualify my application by stating I did it for a friend - two friends in fact, both of whom are much better qualified for the job than I am and both of whom were in two minds to apply before I offered to accompany them in doing so. What a mate I am, eh?

But of course, they both lost their nerve coming up to their respective interview dates and so pulled out. I should really know better actually; the same thing happened in December 2003 with the Bollywood Star thing- I guess some people are all mouth and are unable to take that extra step they committed to.

So then why did I still go, even though I had no intention of progressing through the show? Well, I never regretted continuing with Bollywood Star; in fact I'd put it as one of my top and most fulfilling experiences ever. Maybe I'd have a good time, or maybe I'd see the future contestants due on the show. However it turned out, the most I had to lose was a few hours off work... And so off I went, CV in hand.

My interview-slash-audition was scheduled for 3:30pm. I had a hunch that it was going to run late and since I was only a five minute bus ride away I didn't get there too early. The waiting room was tense and it was clear that I was the only one there taking it not-so-seriously. I was presented by a room full of suits (both literally and metaphorically) but that was all they had in common. Various ages and backgrounds surrounded me and so I inevitably ended up chatting to two Asian candidates who were around my age.

After a ten minute or so wait, ten of us (including the two I was talking to) were called into a smaller more private room. We were faced with a panel of around seven producers, and were asked to spend thirty seconds talking about why we were right for the job. There were some impressive statements made; until it was my turn of course. I had no game plan and so mumbled something about not having been exploited to my full capacity yet, and how I didn't need the job anyway; I should be asking Sir Alan why he wanted me. Thinking back, I don't think anyone found that as funny as I did.

They then did the whole Pop Idol thing where they point five people out and lead them away, in order to tell the rest to go home. I won't say which half I was in, but I was back in the office by 4pm. Maybe I should have worn a shirt. Or, you know, shoes.

But it was an interesting experience anyhow; Comparing this to the day-long antics of Bollywood Star in Birmingham (gosh, I'm such a reality show applicant junkie now), it was in no way as fun and brilliant and memorable - and I had taken it as seriously as I'm sure they did me. I'll definitely be watching the next season of the show in a new light too!


  1. MAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN, I wanted you to get through......first hurdle!!!
    dude, next time it's turn....

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  3. wow, so gutsy, getting that far is impressive (even if it was the first stage :P)!

    and ermmmm you reality-tv-applicant-manic tell me you havent applied 2big brother??