Saturday, July 14

Salzburg, Day One: Getting There and Free Upgrades

A friend of mine has been working in Salzburg for the past eight months or so. I've been meaning to visit, but it's only now that she's coming back that the urgency has risen, and so three of us decided to spend a last minute(ish) weekend there.

Ever since Geneva, I've realised how handy it is to have a car available on short breaks like these. They don't have to be too pricey either, especially if you're splitting the cost (and as an handy tip, make sure you check what rate the airline themselves can get you. Although I didn't take advantage of it personally, Ryanair gave the most competitive Hertz rental rate - even cheaper than going to them directly). I ordered a "Focus or similar" since we didn't need anything bigger or more luxurious. I half expected an upgrade, but when we got a brand spanking new Mercedes C Class... well let's just say I was both chuffed and worried at the same time.

I didn't have any problems being a virgin Right Hand Side driver. In fact it was the left hand drive of the car itself rather than the roads that kept tripping me up. As for the Merc itself, well after a while it became nice enough to drive, but I must admit that I wasn't that impressed. Perhaps I'm more of a BMW kinda guy?

Our outgoing flight was late after work, so we didn't get much done today. We met a few friends of our hosts and stayed out late - much later than I do at home. But then sleeping isn't really for holidays is it?