Sunday, July 29

Food: Maedah Grill Click for more info

Maedah Grill is a pleasant Turkish place located right behind the East London Mosque. It's relatively new; I've passed it a couple of times in the past on the way to Tayyabs down the road, but I never got the chance to check it out until today, and I was suitably impressed by the experience as a whole.

Not that I'm some kind of food connoisseur, but I've never had Turkish food like this. It was good quality stuff made live and with care in the open air kitchen - this isn't the stuff you'd find in a kebab shop, that's for sure.

Service was just as good, with the waiters checking in on us in our private low tabled booth regularly to see if we were okay. The rest of the restaurant was nice too: clean, spacious and well lit. The external sinks were an indication of how important hygiene was in this place.

And the whole thing wasn't too dear either; fifteen quid per head got us more than enough starters and a healthily sized main (we stuck to water). All in all Maedah Grill is a top class joint and a definite alternative to any particular crowded places nearby.