Wednesday, July 18

Film: Shrek the Third Click for more info

The law of diminishing returns is in full effect with Shrek the Third. My opinion is in line with the general consensus: there just is no magic and love in this film and it suffers heavily for it.

The plot is thin (not that Shrek ever needed a plot), the characters seem tired and boring and even technical objective things like the quality of animation and music fall way short of what is expected.

A few laughs happen to be some kind of saving grace but you can't help but giggle nervously out of pity or respect. You don't really lose yourself in this film like you did the others.

To be fair the third Shrek film is okay as a film on its own. But okay just doesn't cut it in such an otherwise brilliant franchise. In fact, it was disappointing enough for me to advise you giving it a miss altogether. And that saddens me.

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  1. i was dissapointed too. whats the transformers verdict?