Monday, July 9

Reception At The Racecourse

The third and final event for the weekends proceeding was a reception held at Kempton Park, a horse racing venue in South London. It was a western style reception, so suits and speeches galore. In that respect it wasn't as new to me as the the other parties, but I had just as much fun anyway. The food was veggie again, not that this stopped it from being some of the best food I've had at a wedding full stop.

Not least because the music was 95% Bollywood - the DJ's tracklist wasn't particularly original, being made up of the classics from KHNH, Dhoom, Dus and KANK, but I knew all the words (and more worryingly all the choreography. Not that I performed it anywhere other than inside my head).

It was a brilliant way to end such a busy weekend. A part of me was sad that it was all over, while the rest just wanted to go to bed and sleep.