Wednesday, July 11

The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2007, London Click for more info

This was the second time I participated in the annual JPMCC race (you can read about last year here), and it was almost uncanny how similar an experience it was.

I had actually forgotten about it till last night and between Australia and the wedding stuff I hadn't had a serious Sunday run in over a month. So I wasn't expecting to perform that well today, although having said that I would have been totally gutted if I hadn't broken the thirty minute mark, no matter what my fitness level had been. I actually got a decent 29:17. It's almost a minute slower than last year, but still I'm happy that I kept it under thirty.

We were allowed into the JP Morgan tent this year too, so I got to hang out and enjoy some of the vegetarian sausages they had on offer. Yum.

I wonder how I'll fare next year?