Thursday, July 26

Shak's Choice: Carey Mulligan

I'm a bit behind on Doctor Who, so some of you may have already witnessed the sublime Carey Mulligan playing Sally Sparrow in the episode entitled Blink.

Although she has an adorable smile, charming composure and a magnetic on-screen personality, ironically it's her down to earth looks that's her main attractive quality.

She was the best thing about that episode, which is saying a lot considering what a cracker it was.


  1. Anonymous22:32

    I agree entirely with your comments, a petition should be sent post-haste to the BBC, Carey Mulligan to be The Doctors new assistant instead of Ms Tate.
    I have watched “Blink” many times now, she was fantastic in it, I believe and hope we will be seeing much more of Carey on our screens soon (please!)

  2. Anonymous07:48

    I have to agree. I'm watching the episode right now. Carey is fantastic, as good as anyone or anything that's been in Doctor Who since the reincarnation. Sally would make a fantastic companion. Freema's good but Carey is just a class above and I really hope she comes back.