Saturday, July 14

Salzburg, Day Two: The Hills Are Alive

We got in pretty late last night (or this morning) so as a consequence getting up was inevitably going to be delayed too. Still, we managed to lazily leave the house at around noon or so; the plan was to head to the lakes for a bit, catch a boat ride or two, grab some lunch and then just lie back and see what the rest of the afternoon would bring.

And that's pretty much how it all panned out. We headed to Saint Gilgen where we parked and caught a boat to Saint Wolfgang, both of which were on Lake Wolfgangsee. The lake and its surroundings were pretty awesome; to have such land twenty minutes from where you lived seemed like a luxury you'd never get in a place like London.

We wandered around St Wolfgang for a good hour or two. We had lunch (mmm... Pike) and ice cream and just flowed through the crowds until it was time to catch the ferry back to Saint Gilgen, where our car was waiting for us.

The rest of the evening was spent touring the Austrian countryside. We drove south of the lake to Bad Aussee, then east to Schladming and then finally north through Werfen (where scenes from The Sound of Music were filmed) to Hallein where we stopped for dinner. All in all we had driven around 250km (see route here), and although the views weren't as spectacular as those seen in the French Alps during Geneva, the drive was pretty neat anyway.

After dinner we headed back home for an early night. Since we are going to fly out tomorrow, the plan is to get an early start and get one or two excursions before heading to the airport. The trouble with these weekend breaks is that it all happens to end so quickly.