Monday, November 29

Windows Media Player 10

First some qualification: I'm a big WinAmp 5 fan and it does everything I want it to do, including making watching previously recorded shows painless. And if I was to recommend a media player right now that's the one it would be.

I had resisted installing WMP10 for a few months now for the above reason. However a chain of events led to my having to[1]. And to be honest, I'm not too upset that I did. The main ability to synchronise playlists to my PDA (so that I now no longer have to organise the lists again on the PDA or worry about copying/converting the files themselves) is great alone, but the icings on the cake are the Auto Playlists.

These wonderful things dynamically filter your music based on previously defined criteria - filename, rating, most often listened to, most recently added - you get the picture. What this means is that you can do away with manually organising your music based on these things (or like I used to, keep separate folders for them). And like I've said these (the music and lists) can then be sent transparently to my PDA. Hooray.

[1]If you're wondering: Bluetooth remote for PDA -> Media player control -> WMP10 Mobile -> inability to create playlists -> ability to sync playlists with WMP10 -> WMP10.

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