Monday, November 8

Timeslip Roxx0rs

I just finished watching today's ep of The OC - thirty minutes after it ended. Not only that, but I'm all brushed up, pajama'd and ready for bed.

How? Well since my time machine is out of order I had to resort to Beyond TV, a neat little application which sits on the computer acting like a VCR. But more so, since it lets you watch stuff that's still recording (or anything else it's recorded previously). If you've seen any of the Sky+ ads, you'll prolly know what I'm talking about.

So not only do I have instant rewind and fast forward but I also don't have to wait for stuff to finish before I can begin watching it (like after returning from Tarawih, say). And since I have material "buffered" I can also skip ads, or pause what I'm watching so I can go pray, brush my teeth or get changed into my PJs.

Anyway it's great. If you want timeslip then you can do worse than to get a Pioneer DVR-220-S, which happens to be a DVD recorder to boot. The last time I checked PriceRunner this came to under 200 quid, which is a bargain imo.

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