Friday, November 19

T-Mobile In Rip Off Shockah

I've been receiving a few picture messages from friends recently (thanks guys!) but unusually they have only been accessible from the web - one of those URL password jobbies. Anyway it's all a bit inconvenient and designed for phones that can't display piccies (does anyone still have one of these?) and quick call to T-Mobile CS should sort it out. Or so I thought.

Apparently I have to send a message to be able to receive them. What the hell is that about? I didn't have any problems receiving messages on Orange (I can't recall whether I sent any other than via NowMMS - which I miss. But that's not the point anyway).

Now I know it's only 40p or whatever, but a) I think that in itself is a ripoff and will not support it just like I won't vanilla texts and b) I refuse to be held to any kind of ransom.

What this admittedly overprincipled and quite unreasonable action means is that, although I appreciate piccie messages being sent to me and although I will endeavour to get to the web and look them up, inevitably there will be times when I won't have a chance to. So, unless it's important save your money and send me an E-Mail instead.

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  1. If they're anything like Orange CS, just ring back and speak to someone else. If they won't do it keep ringing till you hit someone who can manage to help you 'off-script'... which is what proper CS is supposed to be about!