Monday, November 8

A Tube Theory

I reckon that the morning commute in is a very good indicator to how the rest of your day will go. So an uneventful journey will mean your day will be quick, but boring. Having a pretty girl standing next to you will mean your day will be happy, happy, joy, joy.

Today there was a signal failure at Leytonstone, a suspect package at Tottenham Court Road and two "Passenger Incidents" (or alarm handles pulled) including one on my train. Amazingly I was only 45 minutes late.

I'll let you know if I survive the day...


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  2. i believe the people and their reaction to seeing me first thing in the morning is a good indicator of how good or bad my day will go.

    parents +ve = good;
    parents -ve = bad;
    sisters +ve = good;
    sisters -ve = bad;
    brother positive/negative = bad

  3. er doesnt mean anything on its own bj - well not to me anyway.

  4. well if I wake up with a smile I am like sunshine all day ;o)

  5. >> +ve mean?


  6. LOL. mwahhhh ;-)