Wednesday, November 3


I wasn't gonna blog till after some kind of official result came out, but if the way I'm feeling now about the result is anything to go by I'm not sure I'd have the will to if Bush officially wins.

So what went wrong? I dunno. And that troubles me. In retrospect, a Bush win was kinda inevitable (despite the media hoo haa about it being close) but there was enough hope for him to lose (note how I refer to him losing rather than Kerry winning). Perhaps I just feel let down?

And what does this result mean? That over 50%[1] of people who voted are bonkers? That all that talk about how the American people don't really back Bush and his government and are really sensible human beings was actually false? Or perhaps even more worryingly that anyone who wanted Bush out was wrong? Should we expect the same come our election? Heck, ours isn't even looking as close as the US one. And do we have a right to lose faith in ourselves and democracy, just 'cos we didn't get the result we wanted?

Sorry, that's too many questions. But hey. It isn't over yet. There could be a miracle. Maybe I will blog on this subject again today...

[1]Yeh yeh, the Electoral College thingy makes it a possibility that this isn't actually true. But hey.

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  1. I think everyone got a bit carried away with the first debate... which wasn't as clear cut a win for Kerry as the media thought. It's not politics-savvy media critics whose votes matter, but the people on the street who care about security, and perceive Bush - thanks to Republican propaganda - to be more of a champion of their security.

    Of course if you criticise the war you're letting down the troops, if you question the threat of Saddam you're a surrender monkey etc etc, after a while it makes a lot of people fall into line.