Thursday, November 4

No Parents For Eid

First big night and our Sehri timings are slightly out as a result of us making time for Tahajjud. So I thought I'd blog.

Yesterday I found out that my dad was being sent to Pakistan for work. Good for him, right? I gathered that he'd be back before Eid so it would have been nice for him. A phonecall one hour later confirmed that my mum was going too - and that they'd both be staying for two weeks - that is they'll be coming back after Eid.

This'll be the second time I've not spent Eid with my folks in my life - the first being the Eid-Ul-Adha of 1990 (although that year is in dispute by me) when they went Hajj without my brother and me. Still, this will be the first Eid in yonks that my dad will spend with his family so it's still all good.

My mum also asked me if I had any holidays left and if I could join them. It only clicked a few hours later what she was actually asking. Meh.

Time for Fajr.

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